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A Student Learning Profile - Transforming Classmates

into Teammates through Trust, Respect & Games

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Raising a Hand in School

20 Home & School Applications

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Making Good Decisions

Pathfinder means many things to different people. For teachers, the year starts with a student interest and needs analysis. Pathfinder is used throughout the year at Parent-Teacher Night, Student of the Day, and the WAY Game. Through Pathfinder, we share who we are with our Team to build Respect, Trust, and Connections. Students begin a new journey of self-awareness. Parents get an annual snapshot and a deeper understanding of the learning process. 

Pathfinder was created to:

  1. Diagnose student learning needs early.

  2. Develop self-awareness in students.

  3. Introduce factors that influence effective learning.

  4. Help find the Mystery Kid.

  5. Connect with Parents.

  6. Develop student relationships.

  7. Track development.

Pathfinder & the WAY Game

Investing time in building relationships in class with Pathfinder is like a Class Icebreaker that runs all year. Two teams compete to win Pathfinder Clues to the secret identity of the Mystery Kid. When solved, prizes are awarded and the game restarts. Check out Home & School Application.

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