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A Student Learning Profile - transforming Classmates

into Teammates through TRUST, RESPECT & Games

Quiet Forest


What Teachers need to know about their students to help Differentiate Instruction.

Raising a Hand in School

20 Home & School Application Benefits

This is where the trust starts - with an oath not to abuse Pathfinder's knowledge. There is a big ASK; we are creating a safe environment where all can learn and grow. Students put themselves out there in several ways when they play WAY, share Game Cards, participate in Student of the Day, and share clues to their nature if selected the Mystery Kid. Parents gain insight when Pathfinder is completed annually

A teacher should never ask students to do something they weren't prepared to do themselves. That's why I have included personal information and pictures from my life [which goes against my nature]. Sometimes, we have to take a chance with one another and learn to TRUST.

Pedestrian Path

Pathfinder was created to:

  1. Help find the Mystery Kid in the WAY Game.

  2. Diagnose student learning needs early in the school year.

  3. Introduce factors that influence effective learning.

  4. Develop self-awareness.

  5. Reach out and connect with Parents.

  6. Develop student relationships and reduce bullying.

  7. Track student development in school.

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