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Student Teachers are Invited to Play

Looking for Team Captains

Learn the Game

Make what's needed

Find Teammates

Look for Competition



Make a difference.

To get the job you want.

To be a successful teacher.

To serve others well.

The Plan is

Watch SWAY videos, follow the Blog Posts - these are steps along the WAY to integrating the WAY Game into your classroom. Learn along with your students and their parents - all are invited to play.

Suggested Timeline for Teacher Training




Learn the WAY Game - elements include CAP Notes, Pathfinder, WAY Cards, Game Cards and Support Materials

SMART Digital Lesson Planning Techniques.

The creation of Digital Lesson Plan Networks.

Integrate AI in Lesson Planning.

EPBL Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning {TeacherPreneuring}

Learn to put on a show using AI.

Learn how to run a small business using AI

Look What I Found

Know this - you don't need me.  Take what you need from this site, promote what's new for students and parents on your class website. Include parents in the learning process. 


Classroom teachers are encouraged to recruit Parent Volunteers to help out. 

Student Teachers have the most to gain by integrating  SWAY into their portfolios of classroom management techniques. Students are encouraged to evaluate and customize SWAY resources to suit their needs. 

SWAY isn't about surviving teaching but thriving in it! 

Recruit a Team and play the WAY Game against other university teams. Network!

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