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The Sub-Plot

Survive the Classroom - Play the WAY Game

I was a substitute teacher for a year and a half to start my career and half a day to end my career.  In the olden days, I used a lesson/simulation called the Desert Survival Situation, which saved the day multiple times when I was allowed to give this lesson. 

Substitute teaching is like the Desert Survival Situation - if you have the right tools, you survive; if not, you don't. The WAY Game will be your Survival Tools.


The solution to my problem of how to share the WAY Game is with the Sub-Plot - Substitute Teachers introducing and playing the WAY Game when the teacher is away. It's a win, win, win, win situation for the Guest Teacher, the Homeroom Teacher, the Students and the Administration.

The Why, How, and When of the Sub-Plot




- Teachers don't have to leave lesson plans or deal with unruly study upon their return.

- Students acquire knowledge by using AI to learn how to study and learn.

- Guest Teachers have better days.

- Administrators and office staff have reduced discipline problems.

- Participating Guest Teachers follow my Blog for lesson plans.

- School Districts post a list of trained and participating Sub-Plot Teachers. {Also known as Ringers.}

- Anytime teachers are away is a potential WAY Day.

- All you need is free and available to all, 24/7

 Some Guest Teachers are Ringers.
Be a Ringer.

Independently, learn the WAY Game and promote yourself as a Ringer.

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