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What's Needed to Play


Pathfinder Response sheet and printer

Stuff to Make

Recruit a Parent Volunteer

Support Materials

How many sheets to print changes depending on the number of students and how many games you plan to play. There are score sheets, Rubrics and record keeping sheets, pages for Captains, Judges and prizes. Print on an as-needed basis. Use the Time Management sheet to plan your studies.

Card Boards

Card Boards Class Set

Class Set

Card Boards hold and display student Game Cards

Card Board and Game Card

Single Card Board with
Game Card

Improved Card Boards are folded from a single sheet. Colour coding is optional.

Card Board 2018

Inside - Record keeping

Students peer evaluate Game Cards, enter scores and give advice.

Place Cards

Two Place Cards with WAY Cards and 7 WAY Games

Players don't need

Place Cards.

Deal WAY Cards

 facedown; do the same with the 

7 Game Cards. 

7 Games 

The 7 Games of WAY SMART Activity

Print on Card Stock. Print two-sided and cut into single cards.

Pathfinder Clues

100 or so Pathfinder Clues

Print two-sided, cut into single cards, hole punch, and bind. 

3 Judges

3 Judges Cards

Cut into single cards, hole-punch, laminate, and add a breakaway lanyard to be worn by judges.


A Captain's Jobs

A Captains Job

Stored in the Captain's Binder. Guidelines for what Captains need to record. One sheet per game for two judges.


WAY Prizes

Prizes are fun and motivating for students. Use these ideas for Prizes and distribution. Use the suggested distribution method. Create your own prizes if need be.

Weekly Planner

Weekly Student Planner

Families don't plan to fail; they fail to plan. Plan Game Prep Time formerly known as homework.

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