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Needed to Play the WAY Game


Pathfinder Response sheet and printer

Support Materials

 Free Files  There are score sheets, rubrics, record-keeping sheets, pages for Captains, Judges, Prizes and more!

Print on an as-needed basis. 

It's all about giving students responsibility in the Learning Process.

Parent Volunteers can help ame stuff for the WAY Game.

Card Boards Class Set

Class Set

Link to Card Board Instructions. Card Boards display Student Game Cards and weekly Game Card scores..

Card Board and Game Card

Card Board with
Game Card

Improved Card Boards are folded from a single sheet. Colour coding is optional.

Card Board 2018

Card Board
Record keeping

Students peer evaluate Game Cards, enter scores and give advice.

Place Cards

Two Place Cards with WAY Cards and 7 WAY Games

For classroom play, use two rows with seven Pockets to house WAY Card Teams and Seven WAY Games.

The 7 Games of WAY SMART Activity

Print on Card Stock - two-sided Cut into single cards.

Store in Place Cards.

100 or so Pathfinder Clues

Print two-sided on Card Stock cut, hole punch, and bind. 

3 Judges Cards

Use Card Stock. Cut, hole-punch, laminate, use breakaway lanyard only. 

A Captains Job

Stored in the Captain's Binder. Guidelines for what Captains need to record. 

WAY Prizes

The plan is to improve Prizes for students. More later.

Weekly Student Planner

Many families don't plan to fail; they fail to plan. 

More Files  - Red Card/Yellow Card, CAP Note Rubric. Game Card Evaluation, Key to CAP Notes, and so on can be found on the Files Page.

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