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WAY Cards
Random Selection is Fair!

Four Chairs in Fog

I used WAY Cards every day in class in many situations. Random Selection of Students is Fair, and teachers, you want to be seen as fair!

Teachers, why use WAY Cards?

A WAY Card Features:

4 by 6 inch Card Stock, 4 cards per sheet

  • Student photo

  • Roles in the WAY Game Tracker

  • Name and Year

  • Check boxes - various uses

  • Seven WAY Game preferences

  • Bound - make 3 sets

Class Set of WAY Cards

WAY Cards

Student using a Place Card  for the WAY Game

Place Cards

Place Cards are called Place Cards because Players place a Student's WAY Cards and seven WAY Game Cards in Place Card pockets. 

Two WAY Cards in a student's hand.

WAY Cards

Make three class sets. One for the Place Cards and a second one when you can't find the first one.

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