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Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning

Where Students Learn to Earn

All students should be required to be able to: 1. Put on a Show.

2. Run a Small Business. 3. Have Fun doing it.  {It's easier with AI.}


Fishing for Connections

What groups would derive value and benefits from sharing

a SMART WAY to Learn?


Who will Stand? The Race is on.

There are Nine Fishing Holes:

  • 1. School Districts

  • 2. Teacher Training Programs

  • 3. Substitute Teachers

  • 4. SMART Technologies

  • 5. Education Foundations 

  • 6. Realtors 

  • 7. Innovators & Influencers

  • 8. Retired Teachers 

  • 9. Students

Read my Blog Post on EPBL for 'TeacherPreneuring' Opportunities.


It's Only Fair

Teachers spend a considerable amount of their own money on teaching related activities.

A TeacherPreneur integrates skills from the Arts and Business to produce and supply students WAY Game related resources like CAP Notes and Game Cards. Funds are also needed for better prizes for

the WAY Game.

After a SMART WAY to Learn is established - try TeacherPreneuring and get that raise you deserve.

Cashback a Hand with change.

Possible WAY Game Ventures

  1. CAP Note School Fundraiser with Tips, or

  2. In-Class CAP Note Production and Distribution

  3. CAP Note Graphics Replacement Program

  4. Game Card Printing Services

  5. Tournament Hosts

  6. WAY Game Swag

  7. Why not Put on a Show?

  8. SMART WAY Training Rep

Classes Pool Profits will cover teacher costs and for WAY Game Prizes.

Two Shows - examples of

Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning

Digital Art Show


Beluga Play


Why Not

Feedback is needed and appreciated; please post on social media below.

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