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Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning



Use the production of CAP Note as a school fundraiser 3 times a year. Are parents and students happy with learning improvements? Add a Tip.

Class Swag

Simulate a small business. Teachers have permission to use WAY Game logos on swag.

Put on a Show

Choose a traditional format or produce the WAY Game Show. Lights, Camera, Action!

Cashback a Hand with change.

Practical Real-World Projects

Project Based Learning isn't new; putting a Junior Achievement twist on it is. Students Learn to Earn.

A Handful of Change is needed; nothing quick and easy here, not everyone gets a prize. Sorry.

Don't leave school with a headful of unrelated facts; learn to run a business.

Create and Perform

Why not put on a show?

A year-long project, revenue and skill-generating, created by students for their community.

Showtime June 20 __ __ .

Light bulb head by Machale 5M

Digital Art Show

5M put on Puppet Plays until class sizes got too big, so we switched to a Digital Art Show.

Projects were presented to the school in June.

Beluga Play
A sample of EPBL

Why Not

Feedback is needed and appreciated; please post on social media below.

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