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GPT - Game Prep Time

Let's break down the word Homework. There's home, and there's work. You may have just gotten home from work or school; now you have to work again. Traditional homework practices have many flaws, so I suggest people do this instead. Students - review and reinforce daily learning with CAP Notes, then turn Notes into Game Cards. Parents may choose to model Best Learning Practices during GPT and follow CAP Note practices.

Here are a few advantages:

1. ALL subjects are valued and reviewed.

2. Students use higher-order thinking skills and anticipate test questions when Q and A's are created.

3. GPT promotes family bonding time and is a brain workout like no other.

Family with Tablet

Parents - Your Experiences are Worth Preserving too!

School is where new information is presented - home is where it is processed.

Homework Planner


Player CAP Note


Game Cards from 5M

Empowering Students and Parents with control over homework time benefits all. Turn Homework into Game Prep Time.

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