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a SMART WAY to Learn

3 Year Growth Plans for Teachers

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a SMART WAY to Learn - aSWtL

aSWtL consists of three separate but integrated proposals: the WAY Game, Digital Lesson Planning & Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning. Engage, Motivate, and Empower students with expectations and responsibilities. Students learn to mentor, teach and evaluate Teammates. Making Game Cards and Project-Based Learning transform students from consumers of content to PRODUCERS of learning content. 

3 Proposals

the WAY Game

The WAY Game encourages students to summarize daily lessons on CAP Notes and make Game Cards for the WAY Game for homework, or what is now called - Game Prep Time. WAY makes learning fun and effective.

Digital Lesson Planning

I was experimenting with Digital Lesson Planning before I retired, and since then the lesson planning process has evolved to include AI. These ideas are game-changers in the world of education.

Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning

The only thing I remember from grade four was being in a show about the provinces of Canada. I was New Brunswick, and I dressed in my father's fishing gear. That is the Power of being involved in class projects - students learn and remember more - it's active, hands-on participation in meaningful activities.

I believe school projects need a 'learn to earn' component - to develop awareness of goods and services and how they are created and distributed.

I encourage parent volunteers to take over the production of CAP Notes and use them as a school fundraiser. Teachers are encouraged to put on a show or create WAY Game Swag as a year-long project.

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