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Student Game Card for the WAY Game

 Game Cards R Memory Triggers 

       Works of Art & Science 

Set of Game Cards

So you can Remember and Be Remembered.

Parents - Imagine if you had sets of Game Cards from your school days. Where and when did you learn long division, the Water Cycle, or how to think critically? How many kids do you remember from grade 4? What about important life events? Did you have all your notebooks?  Probably not. 

What if your learning was preserved on Game Cards? 

Preserving Life and Learning

Game Cards:

  1. Develops pride and purpose in work; essential for student motivation and engagement.

  2. Creating Game Cards develops creativity, questioning and higher-order thinking skills.

  3. Game Cards are shared with classmates, improving relationships and reducing bullying.

  4. Make Game Cards for family and friends.

  5. Are a go-anywhere study tool.

  6. Your Cards are your history.

  7. Game Cards won't crash.

Game Cards Brian
Your first Game Card is all about you, then family, friends, likes and lessons will follow. Become a Producer of Learning Conent.
WAY Game Card Blank

Use Word, Pages or PowerPoint Templates to make your Game Cards.

{I recommend PowerPoint}

5M Game Cards.jpg

Give the Gift of Game Cards

CAP Notes, Game Cards and the WAY Game are joined at the hip - they need one another as we need each other. 

Oh, what wonders you'll create!

        Why make Game Cards?
        To Remember & be Remembered.

Collect Game Cards

Each week Game Cards are shared in class. Not only do students have their own Game Cards - students will have samples from all their Teammates.

Set of Game Cards for the WAY Game

Download sample WAY Game Templates and play online. Q&A's are based on this website's content.

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