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Lesson 1 -The Home Page - the Question is - Do you want to play?

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"Do not keep students to their studies by compulsion but by play."



Learn to play, play to Learn.





Find the Mystery Kid!

3 Projects for School
{and a game for everyone else}

the WAY Game
 SMART Digital Lesson Planning
Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning  {URL}
If anything you'll learn how to question. How is an example of a mnemonic?  Learn at your own pace, it's FREE. The Game grows as you grow. Look for the good.


a SMART WAY to Learn is a free, grassroots, virtual, self-directed collection of lessons in teaching and learning. Here you'll find instructions for the WAY Game, a proposal for Digital Lesson Planning and samples of Project Based Learning for Educators, Students, and Parents.


the WAY Game for Players is unlike any game you have ever played; beware or be aware, your choice. The journey has begun, the game is afoot. 


In Pursuit of the Coffee Cup

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- Because some students are failing, and we have to care about them.

- Because parents are frustrated and don't know what to do.

- Because there is a teacher shortage.

- Because people need to make better decisions.

Promoting Trust & Respect through Accountability & Transparency 

5M - Student Reports

 the WAY Game 





the WAY Game - In a Nutshell 


- The Mystery Kid, three Judges, two Team Captains & two Teams are selected with WAY Cards.


- Playing two-on-two, teams compete in seven popular games to win clues from the Mystery Kid's Pathfinder. 


- Q & A's for the WAY Game are drafted from daily lessons by students on CAP Notes and transformed into Game Cards.​


- To win, teams must discover the secret identity of the Mystery Kid. When completed, prizes are given, and a new game starts.

Shelled Peanuts


- Make a Team - Make a Space - play:

- In Person 

- Virtually

- With Family

- With Friends

- With Puppets Impersonators 

House in Suburb




- Make a Team - Create a Set.

- Play weekly, not weakly.

- Adapt/Modify for grade level.

- Start small, then go BIG.

- Play against other classes.

- Host Tournaments - Live or Virtual.


 Whor U? The Lineup 




- Reviews, Approves Projects

- Recruits, Manage Coaches

- Supports Players

- Value Pushers



- Facilitates the WAY Game

- Post Digital Lessons Proposal

- Entrepreneurial Project Based Learning Proposal

- Manage Support Personal 



- Turn classmates into Teammates

- Learn to play & play to learn

- Make & share Game Cards

- Turn homework into Game Prep Time



- Model  CAP Notes practices, play WAY

- Make Game Cards

- Secure home environment

- Trust & Support Students & Educators 

Substitute Teachers


- A special day of Games

- Work your 'hood'

- Prep or play the WAY Game

- Save teacher's time

Parent Volunteers

Equipment Managers

- Prepare Pathfinder & WAY - Cards, Assist in weekly Peer Evaluation of Game Cards.

- Make Support Materials

- Be there on Game Day.

Student Teachers


- Learn, reflect, and integrate

- Practice playing

- Create Digital Lesson Plans

- Make Game Cards, Play WAY 

5M Plays the WAY Game


Watch 5M play the WAY Game.

Learn by watching others play.

5M Sample Game Cards


Players become PRODUCERS of Learning Content when they create Game Cards.

Preserve your learning - your life, on Game Cards. 

Introducing CAP Notes 

CAP Notes are Graphic Organizers teachers use to plan lessons and play the WAY Game. Students and their Parents use CAP Notes as a 'daily reflection' to preserve essential learning and to draft Questions and Activities for the WAY Game. This daily lesson reflection for students and parents will create bonds, Game Cards and skills that last a lifetime. 

Book 1 of 3 Terms

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An Improved way to Learn

A Sheet a Day

Keeps Failure Away

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Summarize Daily Lessons 

Draft Q & A's for the WAY Game

Capture the Good

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 60 sheets a term 

Learn 8 ways to use this page

Book 1 of 3 Terms

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Model Effective Learning at Home

A Powerful Graphic Organizer

CAP Notes Home 2022_edited_edited.jpg

What was important today?

My Vacation Images


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Places to go, things to do, capture the good of each day

Terms & Conditions

A Players Oath 


Players promise to RESPECT and TRUST others.

Remember - it's just a game.