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a SMART WAY to Learn, Earn & Play

Learn to Think like a Teacher 

so kids won't Fail

Rows of Classical Columns

CAP Notes

To Retrieve and Conceive moments that bring us JOY

Rebuilding Respect 

Through FUN and Games

Game Card Collection 2023.jpg

the WAY Game
Best Learning Game Ever!

Make Game Cards for Family & Friends


This project, this venture {adventure} of mine [and yours], is a game changer, where you'll learn the 'secrets' to Teaching and Learning with Tech and AI; capturing your life and learning in a game. 


There is much to learn.

Don't Panic

Ease your way into SWAY with your class, follow my SMART Notebook Lessons, YouTube Videos Instagram Posts, and my Blog to learn more about SWAY. 

SWAY is free, available 24/7 and self-directed.

May these words lead you to Happiness, Health, Wealth & Wisdom.


People - Roles & Responsibilities

"People don't plan to fail the fail to plan."

Find the Start Time to Learn

the WAY Game

Year 1

  1. Turn Lessons into 7 Popular Games

  2. Become PRODUCERS  of Content

  3. Make Learning FUN & Profitable

PV's help make tWG passible!

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Posting takes 5 Minutes It's super valuable!

Year 2 - SMART Digital Lesson Planning {Ideas for Teachers}

Use the free SMART Notebook Digital Lesson Plan Templates to plan and share your lessons. Help create Digital Lesson Plan Banks in your school district.

Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning

Put on a Show & Run a Small Business

Think of the skills necessary to put on a profitable show. Make a web.

Students Learn to Earn by developing Tech and AI Creator Skill Sets - players become producers of Learning Content and Swag. 90% of profits are reinvested in teacher bonuses and prizes for the WAY Game. 90% to Teacher 10% to  WAY Game Prizes/Expenses.

through SWAY where students become producers of Learning Content. Projects are a win, win -  win, win. The only loser is evil.

Puppet Pirate

Connor 5M

"WAY is definitely the best game I have ever played."

Zayden 5M

"I love the WAY Game, and hopefully, you can share it with teachers so that other kids get to experience what we got to experience this year."

Dawson 5M

"The WAY Game is really cool. It is fun, creative & educational. I think all classes should play WAY."

Jordan 5M

"With WAY you can remember your friends and what you learned in grade five."
Back of a group of volunteers

Volunteers are Needed!  
Save Our Schools

Parents, Retired and, Substitute Teachers, Realtors, and Student Teachers are perfect for the job.

Make Materials for the WAY Game.

[It's a bit more than you think.]

Observe WAY Games - help if needed.

Assist in Projects - Have and develop expertise along the way. is our Digital Textbook. Teachers control how lessons are taught. SWAY is HOW - not WHAT.
You are free to GO!

Girl with raised arms in front of bus

A Sample Game Card and the WAY Game on PowerPoint
Have a Game!

WAY Game Cards are an End Result of Learning.

Game Card Sample.jpg

Open and Play!

PowerPoint WAY Games Sample Oct 2023_edited.jpg
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