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Introduction to a SMART WAY to Learn YouTube Thumbnail

3:51 of your valuable time

Life has many paths; if we are lucky, we'll have many roles.  Preserve your life and learning. Make school count. Have some fun. Hear stories and how to learn on my Blog Posts.

A road in fall.

Be on the Road to Success!

a SMART WAY to Learn

is a grass-roots initiative in education, improving the way teachers teach and students learn. Only YOU can make it happen.

Sparklers Be the Spark

      Be the Spark

At the heart of
a SMART WAY to Learn
is the WAY Game. 

Answering the question,
Who Are You?
Transforming classmates to Teammates
Create a history of your achievements

Develop Trust and Respect through Games

Student plays Draw It

Why? To Remember & Be Remembered

The adventure has begun!  All you need to participate is free and online. Watch our class as we demonstrate the WAY Game. 

Teachers should learn about SMART Digital Lesson Planning and Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning

The question is - do YOU want to play?

Game Cards for the WAY Game

Students summarize each lesson
 on CAP Notes and then create Game Cards.

Learn the Magic of Game Cards
Create Works of Art & Science

 Create a History of U
and your family.

Memories from 5M & the WAY Game

Man with cap

Mr. M.
It's just me and I created this mess. Sorry.
Do you want to play?



Connor 5M

"WAY is definitely the best game I have ever played."

Zayden 5M

"I love the WAY Game, and hopefully, you can share it with teachers so that other kids get to experience what we got to experience this year."

Dawson 5M

"The WAY Game is really cool. It is fun, creative & educational. I think all classes should play WAY."

Jordan 5M

"With WAY you can remember your friends and what you learned in grade five."
Back of a group of volunteers

A Team Approach to Volunteers

Teachers need the support of parents and retired teachers now more than ever. Help make materials and monitor play. 

Be the spark that ignites the flames of innovation in your school.

Girls with arms raised and Doin' the WAY

I will keep you updated on Social Media.

Any Advice?

Post Below.

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