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Introducing - the WAY Game

Why Play WAY?

Challenging, competitive, growth-oriented, connections, Best Practices, Gamification, self-awareness, progress, technology, alignment, defined roles, set expectations, inclusive, differentiated, effective, revenue-generating, skill developing, relationship building, teamwork, H.O.T.S., innovative, Graphic Organizers, Rubrics, Prizes, Lesson Planning Templates, exemplars, trust and respect.

What ideas are important to you?

WAY Game Logo
Picking the Mystery Kid

WAY - Who Are You?

In a nutshell - the WAY Game is played in class by students of all ages, improving engagement by transforming daily lessons into seven popular games. Questions and Activities for the games are created by students based on their lessons. Teams compete to win clues to the secret identity of the Mystery Kid. The WAY Game helps students discover talents, develop skills, improve relationships, grades and happiness.

Have a look inside a working classroom. This site is a celebration of student achievement, a grassroots peace proposal, and an evolution in teaching and learning.

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