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Introducing - the WAY Game

Shelled Peanuts

Part of the Lost Lesson Series

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It's All About the Story

 This site is a celebration of student achievement and an evolution in teaching and learning.

Graduation CAP and Diploma

Why Play WAY?
Let's count the ways.

Challenging, Competitive, Growth-Oriented, Connections, Best Practices, Gamification, Self-Awareness, Progress, Technology, Alignment, Defined Roles, Set Expectations, Inclusive, Differentiated, Effective, Revenue-Generating, Skill Developing, Relationship Building, Teamwork, Develops H.O.T.S., Question-Based, Innovative, Graphic Organizers, Rubrics, Prizes, Lesson Planning Templates, Exemplars and other things you think of. - the Goal - to Earn Trust and Respect.

What ideas are important to you?

Picking the Mystery Kid

A Need to Play

The WAY Game is about "making learning fun." improving the way teachers teach, students learn and parents participate.


The WAY Game is a Revolution in Learning.

Look Inside a Working Classroom

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