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Pedestrian Path

Players are encouraged to figure the game out on their own. You don't need to wait for the Blog Posts to finish. There is nothing wrong with adopting & adapting the game as you see fit. House Rules - rule. Innovate and extend Games & Resources. Make it your own.

You don't need me.

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A Journey in Self-directed Professional Development

How Can I Help?


For School Districts

Part three of a SMART WAY to Learn is Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning. Introduce CAP Notes & Game Card Printing Services, to be run as a School Fundraiser, managed in-house by Parent Volunteers; so many benefits. Interested? Drop me a line.

Moving Forward


a SMART WAY to Learn

An open-sourced site for anyone interested in a crash course in teaching and learning, especially suited for teachers in training. Parents would be well advised to learn how to use the Tools and Techniques found at 

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Learn Online

What is a hero but someone who helps in extraordinary ways? Be the Hero in your school. Help friends and family thrive with what a SMART WAY to Learn has to offer. The WAY Game is needed now more than ever - it brings thinking people together. Be the spark in your home or school.

Digital Lesson Planning


It's my wish that School Districts everywhere would invest Professional Development days in Digital Lesson Planning and the creation of Digital Lesson Plan Banks. Part two of a SMART WAY to Learn.

Consider the School Fundraising Plan.

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I Begin in Calgary

  • SMART Ambassadors

  • School District Substitute Teachers

  • School District Professional Development Leaders

  • Teacher Training Programs

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