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 Training Videos

WAY Game Part 1 YouTube Thumbnail


The Last WAY Game

Ever Played 1

Listen carefully to what is said by my student camera-person. It's June and the kids were helping create this instruction video - one take - unscripted.

WAY Game Part 2 YouTube Thumbnail


Look for Student

Engagement 2

We're getting into the game now, look for Materials needed for play. Who will create them for your class? Learn to play by watching others play.

the WAY Game Part 3 YouTube Thumbnail


Learn to Play - 

Play to Learn 3

Lots of advice given. We used SMART Boards for many reason. Once again watch and learn. Watch the girls upset the boys, and for a Captain's Challenge.

the WAY Game Part 4 YouTube Thumbnail


 Expectations &

Responsibilities 4

Teamwork - peer evaluation for real grades, involving students in the learning process is key. I assigned 10% a term for peer evaluated Game Cards. This promotes Value & Trust.

Student Reports the WAY Game YouTube Thumbnail


Student Testimonials 5

In June 2015 I asked my students to write about their experiences with the WAY Game. This is what they wrote. I've highlighted key ideas.

5M Plays WAY YouTube Thumbnail


The Class of 2013 6

Watch students from 5M play the WAY Game. Listen to stories; take a learning journey. Discover who you are and how you learn.

a WAY Review  YouTube Thumbnail


a Quick Look at

WAY Game Tools 7

A visual walk through the tools of the WAY Game. These are the Tools to be used in class. A Player's Game requires less 'paper'.

7 WAY Games YouTube Thumbnail

7 WAY Games Explained 8


One of my first unscripted narrations.  A look at the seven games of WAY using Notebook software. Examples of Q & A's are given. Background pictures help define and explain the game.

Something in the Air YouTube Thumbnail


A Walk to Class 9

Be quiet in the halls when class is on. Have a look at the Tools and Techniques a SMART WAY to Learn offers. Try and listen to what is said. Ernie is introduced.

Teacher in Training YouTube Thumbnail


a SMART WAY to Learn Save Our Schools

SWAY was originally designed for student teachers to look inside a working classroom. Teachers - why start at ground zero?

WAY Game Overview YouTube Thumbnail


Materials - Procedures - Play 10

A mix of graphics - I talk about the materials & procedures of the WAY Game. Any class is a good class when there is student engagement.

Kids with Signs YouTube Thumbnail


2011 Our First Video 11

We knew we wanted to share the WAY Game in 2011. How was the problems, the journey began here with our first video. There would be others over the years. Simple signs explained the game

Why WAY YouTube Thumbnail


Always Know Why 12

Why WAY begins what Ernie's reported to have made. Students from Newman did the wall art, 5M did the digital art. Reasons why given, the Flow of Knowledge defined and an 'ask' for Field-Testers. 

Pathfinder CAP Notes & WAY Cards

Pathfinder a Quick Look YouTube Thumbnail


Pathfinder a Quick Look 13

We have to start showing students that they matter and we are on a journey together which begins with an awareness of self and others. 

Pathfinder Home & School YouTube Thumbnail


20 Home & School

Applications 14

The reason to do Pathfinder outweigh the reasons not to do Pathfinder. Completed annually - it's a snapshot of student growth.

Introducing Pathfinder YouTube Thumbnail


Fill in Pathfinder 15

Homeroom teachers walk students through Pathfinder. Start and stop the video, allow time to fill in responses. Give advice when needed. Do a first draft. Don't rush.

CAP Notes YouTube Thumbnail


Learning Journals

Graphic Organizer 16

CAP Notes offers a 9 step lesson creation for teachers and a summary system for students. CAP Notes are now offered to Players and Parents; designs and function have improved. Order CAP Notes and support this cause.

WAY Cards YouTube Thumbnail


Random Selection is Fair 17

Being fair and being seen as fair is what WAY Cards and Random Selection of students is all about. Learn the anatomy of WAY Cards. I used WAY Cards all the time in class. Players should make a WC for group play. 

Card Boards  YouTube Thumbnail


A Student Talks Card- Boards 18

I really appreciate all the work my students did to bring the WAY game to you.

Here's another example of how we used Card Boards.

Students evaluate and keep records that count. 

Game Cards

Game Card Talk YouTube Thumbnail


ALL about Game Cards 19

Students Game Card Samples, 'student' comments and lots of Graphic Design ideas. Get Graphic Design ideas and Q & A examples.

Remember, this is grade five.

Game Cards YouTube Thumbnail


Students Talk

Game Cards 20

A teacher listens as students talk about their Game Cards. GC Graphics are Memory Triggers, so you can remember and be remembered. 

Game Cards Laptop YouTube Thumbnail

Student Game Card

Samples 21


A quick look at some of 5M's Game Cards. Digital designs were used in our year end art show. Student's developed their own style. Game Cards were shared in class and used to play the WAY Game.

Making Game Cards YouTube Thumbnail

Game Cards

Microsoft Word 22


This is an old video, all we used in the day. I would not recommend Word anymore, but if that's what you have, go for it. I recommend everyone use PowerPoint, way easier to format.

Making Game Cards Pages YouTube Thumbnail


Game Cards Mac Pages 23

Another old video for Mac users, Better than Word, but not better than PowerPoint.

Making Game Cards with PowerPoint


Game Cards

PowerPoint 24

Instructions for new users to PP. Stories, instructions. PP Templates are user-friendly. I recommend that all Players use PowerPoint to create Game Cards.

2 Smart Digital Lesson Planning

Share your work

a SMART WAY to Learn YouTube Thumbnail



Kind of a pep talk. Retiring Brian's walk to class, looking to build the proverbial staff room table for free resources. A brief introduction to Digital Lesson Planning and a thank-you to students and their parents.

SMART Lesson Samples YouTube Thumbnail


2 DLP = Early Daze

I never had any intention to share lessons beyond my class; not pretty - early days and experiments. Your plans will look much better; you won't start from scratch. Have a look at the early days of Digital Lesson Planning with SMART Notebook software.

SMART Lesson Planning YouTube Thumbnail


3 Create Lesson Plan Banks 

Traditional Lesson Plans were too hard to share - Digital Lesson Plans are easy to share and create when School Districts dedicate PD time to the creation of Digital Lesson Plans. A look at the old and new.

Thoughts on Lesson Planning YouTube Thumbnail


4 Thoughts on Lesson Planning

From TAPS to CAP - follow the 9-step lesson planning model, Use Templates, and use OTL's Other Teacher's Lessons. Start thinking about making Q&A's from the video content. E.G., List the 7 Ps.

A Look at Lessons YouTube Thumbnail


5 Who can Help & DLP

Ernie begins with the difficulty of change. Here's a Regions of Canada Notebook lesson that lays out what's on a page. Don't panic; teachers submit one digital lesson to be able to withdraw lessons from the bank. {which you're going to make.}

Digital Lesson Planning YouTube Thumbnail


6 Ideas on DLP & Get SMART

I believe teachers should use Tools and resources at SMART. Posting lessons on SMART Exchange didn't work well for me, so the plan changed. I am not affiliated with SMART in any way.

Look and listen to ideas on Digital Lesson Planning and consider using SMART because it's smart.

One Note & Lesson Planning YouTube Thumbnail


7 OneNote Lesson Planning Demo.

Learn to split your screens like in the video. Very handy. Look at how to move objectives from government curriculum to OneNote then to your lesson plans using SMART Notebook software. It's smart.

Moving Lessons SDLP YouTube Thumbnail


8 SMART Digital Lesson Planning Demo.

Get a free trial of Notebook software; Basic model is free. We look at Content Folder, how to make a Template the wrong way, written advice and odd music haunts the lesson as Unit Plans are made. It really is quick and easy.

Whether in class or playing virtually, these tools/pages will get students more involved in the Game. From Pathfinder Clues to the 7 WAY Games, Spinner, Dice, Timers, all have a part to play. Open and explore these Tools.

Moving Lessons 2 YouTube Thumbnail


9 From Today to Tomorrow DLP

An informal talk with groovy music, learn to Drag & Drop learning resources from one day to the next. There's a reference to finding stuff at SMART Exchange, that was the plan, plans change. I'll have to edit out that part at a later date.

tools 4 way YouTube Thumbnail


10 Notebook - Tools to Play 

Get SMART Notebook software to run these files. Many teachers know this software from the people who make SMART Boards. Templates for the 7 games, dice, spinners, Pathfinder Clues. Needed for Virtual Play.

3 EPBL - Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning

Beluga Play Documentary YouTube Thumbnail


Behind the Scenes 1

A behind-the-scenes look at our class during Play Week. After 23 shows, students had a learning experience they will never forget.

Beluga Play YouTube Thumbnail


EPBL - Entrepreneurial

Project Based Learning 2

Beluga Play was created by the students of 5M with lots of help from Mrs. N. What started as a chance encounter with Beluga whales turned into our class play. Something was created from nothing.

Digital Art Show YouTube Thumbnail


Why Don't YOU put on

a Show? 3

When the class got too big to put on our Puppet Show, we switched to the creation of a Digital Art show in June for the school. It was a-rockin' good time, we filled the gym with projected digital art from multiple projectors.

On a Personal Note

Do Not Quit Teaching YouTube Thumbnail


Advice from a Retired

Teacher 1

To teach or not to teach, that is the question.

Notes from students and parents YouTube Thumbnail


References from Parents & Students 2

A note, a smile, a high five, these are the things that matter most to teachers 

Teacher Photos YouTube Thumbnail


Brian - Your Virtual Teacher 3

So you can have an idea of who you are dealing with. Don't ask student to do something you wouldn't do yourself.

educational Day Homes YouTube Thumbnail


Thoughts During the Pandemic 4

This was an idea for a small group, community-based distribution of students during the Pandemic.

SMART Lessons are Associated With these Videos

aSWtL a Plan YouTube Thumbnail


1. If at first, you don't succeed - switch gears.

The plan was to encourage teachers to post Digital Lesson Plans on SMART Exchange. It didn't work out. What was created has value nonetheless.

SMART Notebook File YouTube Thumbnail

SMART Notebook File

Home Page - 31 Slides

When your "ladder is up the wrong wall," adapt and change.

What's in a Name? YouTube Thumbnail


2. Advice - DLP, WAY Cards,

7 Games Overview

Digital Lesson Planning, my Journal journey, 7 WAY Games Q & A samples, WAY Cards - learn about student needs. Learning student names is essential.

SMART Notebook File The WAY Game YouTube Thumbnail

SMART Notebook File the WAY Game [Incomplete]

Based on old website designs, the file was abandoned.

Step 3 Pathfinder YouTube Thumbnail


3. Explore Pathfinder 

A Notebook file where the focus is on Pathfinder. Files,  Permission Letter, Game Clues and more.

SMART Notebook File Pathfinder YouTube Thumbnail

SMART Notebook File Pathfinder - 23 Slides

Another experiment in Digital Lesson Planning. Your lesson plans will be on a single page.

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