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CAP Notes

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CAP Notes

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What Did You Learn in School Today?


CAP Note Graphic Organizers work because they use higher-order thinking skills to summarize knowledge. They use mnemonics, process symbols and time management. CAP Notes encourages visualization, subject integration, and self-evaluation. The Graphics Page sets the stage for creativity. Seven Games build relationships, connections, and fun!

CAP is an abbrev. acronym

 Curriculum Content, Associations & Processes & Pictographs

From Evolution

to Revolution

 CAP Notes

Green Feet
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CAP Notes began as a rote memory tool.

CAP Note Sample

This is a CAP Note

 1. Multi-use CAP Note Learning Journals began as a rote memory tool and evolved into a Game for everybody. However, it requires time and effort. 

2. Teachers use CAP Notes to plan lessons, and students use CAP Notes to summarize lessons.

3. CAP Notes are used to draft Questions and Activities for the WAY Game.  

4. CAP Notes hold students accountable with the EXPECTATION to demonstrate learning in all classes.

5. Use CAP Note Graphic Pages creatively. 

6. Stakeholders learn mnemonics, acronyms, and Best Learning Practices.    

7. CAP Notes are used to reflect and reinforce learning. during Game Prep Time, formerly known as homework.

8. GPT is a great time for family bonding.

9. Use CAP Note Rubrics for evaluation and grades.

CAP Notes
for ALL

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the WAY Game

Players CAP Note Journal Cover

How do CAP Notes Work?

1. Set the stage for the Gamification of Education.

2. Students are expected to summarize each lesson in nine steps.

3. Students identify the content and process of each lesson.  

4. Right- brain stimulation. Pictographs are 'Memory Triggers'.

5. Students learn questioning and evaluation skills.

6. Teachers, students and parents are aligned with a standardized learning tool

7. Lessons have a purpose - Game Cards are created from lessons for the WAY Game. Students are more motivated and engaged.

Our Signature Aesthetic

CAP Notes

Graduation CAP and Diploma

Welcome to CAP Notes,  an essential component of a SMART WAY to Learn! The mission is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to become a successful learner. Whether you're a student, teacher, or lifelong learner, we've got you covered. Our CAP Note Graphic Organizers are designed to help you organize your thoughts, make connections,  retain information, and play games. Join us on this journey of self-discovery, teamwork, and adventure. Learn to play and play to learn the WAY Game. 

CAP Note Sample
CAP Notes and Graphics



Preserve your Life and Learning with CAP Notes because you Matter!

CAP Notes are free to print for field testing.
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Doin' the WAY

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