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2 Binder System

Are you a disorganized mess? Be aware of the consequences of a messy desk, backpack, binder, or locker. A solution: Students have one current binder for all subjects and one storage binder stored at home. Paper is replaced with digital resources and handed out on an as-needed basis. Our goal is to reduce school supplies, paper and textbook costs. 

My 2BS Story

"Clean as you go" is a sign I saw behind the counter at a McDonald's years ago. It is simple yet important advice, which I have included as one of the eight Essential Learning Practices found on Pathfinder.

As a Junior High and Elementary School Teacher, I would expect my students to be organized and prepared for class for the following reasons.


1 Save Time Looking for Stuff

2 Protect and Preserve Books

3 Protect the Environment

4 Save Money on School Supplies

5 Develop Good Habits

6 Improve Self-Esteem 

7 Care and Share Needs - Because you are on a Team -

a community of learners on the same path. You share stuff and use it respectfully.


It's thought and action that count. Resources are managed all day, every day. Having a clean and organized environment is one step on your journey to learning success.


  • Have a favourite pen or pencil with your name on it.

  • Know what you need and when you need it. Make To-Do Lists.

  • Have Routine and Intention.

  • Go Digital as much as Possible.

  • FYI, my students never had the benefit of CAP Notes in a bound journal. I printed and distributed CAP Notes—it was a pain. This was before the advent of CAP Note Graphics.


Clean as You Go

Locker clean-out day was depressing for me, just seeing all the project notes, handouts, and tests, not to mention a forgotten lunch or two; it was a semi-annual huge waste, a garbage fest of paper, a disregard for value, advice, and the environment. Teachers facilitate this waste when there is no paper plan in place. We disrespect knowledge and teachers' efforts when their lessons and resources end up as garbage. Now, we can go digital and drastically reduce this waste.

An unorganized desk, backpack, or locker sends negative messages to students whenever they try to find or put something away. The more we can reduce school paper and printing costs, the better.


I used a two-binder system, one for school [School Binder] for current work and one for a home for completed work [Home Binder]—a One-inch Binder with subject dividers for school and a similar two-inch binder for home. Resource management is an essential lifelong learning skill. Teachers need to set expectations for students to be organized and prepared for themselves and their teammates.

Stop mass-ordering school supplies. Teachers now supply their classrooms with basic needs through CAP Note Fundraising.


Teachers can decorate their rooms, and order needed project supplies. Classes become more autonomous entities, and funds don't come from a teacher's pocket.

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