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Notebook Software 

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I promote SMART Technology because it works for teachers. Trust me, I know technology can be a problem; SMART Technology has come a long way. I was there in the beginning; SMART Notebook is what I used in class. I have no affiliation with SMART other than promoting their goods and services.

Free Smart Digital Lesson Planning Templates

SMART Notebook Lesson
SMART Digital Sample Lesson Plan
SMART Notebook Unit Plan Sample

Unit Plan Template

The school day ends; Drag & Drop SMART Notebook lessons into Unit Plans. Save the Notebook File as PDF and post it online. {What I used to do.}

Then came Lumio.

Why Post SMART Digital Lesson Plans?

CAT = Connections, Accountability, Transparency

Connections - develop relationships, work as a Team, and Empower Students & Parents.

Accountability - colleagues, students, parents, administration and society.

Transparency - share what teachers DO!

I don't work for SMART - SMART works for me, which I'm grateful for; their technology helps my purpose, which is connecting with students and parents.

I owe the people who created and maintain SMART technology a debt of gratitude. a SMART WAY to Learn would not exist without SMART people.

Plan with
the WAY Game
in Mind

Symbol for the WAY Game
SMART WAY Game File to play the WAY Game.

a SMART WAY to Learn

 Is being designed as a Case Study for Student Teachers - a veteran teacher shares advice and resources in a series of Training Videos & SMART Notebook Lesson Plans. [Some under construction.]


Any reference to the following Files being found on SMART Exchange - it didn't happen. : { 

Template for Unit Plans

SMART Digital Unit Plans File  YouTube Thumbnail

Dragging and Dropping completed Daily Digital Lessons into Unit Plans is a great way to see how well lessons flow together.

Learn SMART Notebook Features

SMART Notebook Lesson YouTube Thumbnail

How many times have I told students to put their name on their work. Found on SMART Exchange, author unknown. 23 slides than outline features found in SMART Notebook.

An Example of an {OTL} - Other Teacher's Lesson.

What Teachers Do

What teachers DO. Notebook File YouTube Thumbnail

Used in presentations to show some of the things teachers may deal with from day to day.

Tools for

the WAY Game

SMART Botebook File YouTube Thumbnail

Dice, Spinners, Player's Score Sheet, Timer, Pathfinder Clues, 7 Game Templates and more. 

SMART WAY Activities

SMART Activities File YouTube Thumbnail

39 or so  SMART Activities cover WAY Game Tools, Video Transcripts, and  Quizzes. 

{Under Construction.}

CAP Notes

SMART Notebook File with CAP Notes YouTube Thumbnail

CAP Note Templates & Example. Save these pages in the My Content Folder.

Lesson Plan Samples

SMART Notebook file. YouTube Thumbnail

Board Note Lesson Plan Examples randomly selected from my last year of teaching. Lessons are improved from year to year.

Pathfinder Clues

SMART Notebook File YouTube Thumbnail

A way for the SMART Board Judge to randomly select Pathfinder Clues and award them to the winning team after a team wins a WAY Game challenge. 

Random Student Selection Tool

SMART Notebook File YouTube Thumbnail

Teachers need to enter their students names on pages that contain spinners. . 

2 WAY Games Template & 2 Sample Games 

SMART Notebook File YouTube Thumbnail

WAY Seven Game Templates

My Favorite Websites

SMART Notebook file YouTube Thumbnail

Websites I used to 'seed' my lesson plans 

when I taught grade 5.

Notebook WAY for Students & Players

SMART Notebook file YouTube Thumbnail

2 Blank WAY Game Templates for

virtual play.

Three Pillars

SMART Notebook file YouTube Thumbnail

Experiments in Digital Lesson Planning. 

One Digital Lesson Plan from one PD Day will seed and grow School District Lesson Plan Banks.  

WAY on PowerPoint

WAY Game on PowerPoint file YouTube Thumbnail

Enter your Q & A on PowerPoint. Save your File with the Date and descriptive name.

Smart Notebook logo Transparent_edited.png

SMART WAY Lessons 

For School District's Lesson Plan Banks

I used a traditional teacher planner for most of my teaching career. A couple of years before my retirement, I experimented with Digital Lesson Planning with SMART Notebook software. Notebook software allowed me to create lesson plans that could be built upon and shared - and that's important! 


Objectives, teaching resources, test reviews, audio/video, student work samples, are posted daily; they show what Teachers and Students DO IN CLASS. This is a form Transparency. Another form of Transparency are weekly Game Cards. the ability for 'others' to see what goes on behind closed doors is possible, and essential, when we work as a team.

Lesson 1

Notebook Lesson Plan YouTube Thumbnail

Lesson 1  A series of 31 Micro-Lessons gives users a great overview of the WAY Game and a SMART WAY to Learn.

Lesson 2

Notebook Lesson Plan YouTube Thumbnail

Lesson are grouped -  Introduction, Student Activities, Tools & Techniques, Many Voices.

Lesson 3

Notebook Lesson Plan YouTube Thumbnail

 Something in the Air - a walk to class with an outline of select Tools & Techniques I used in class.

Lesson 4

Notebook Lesson Plan YouTube Thumbnail

Lesson 4 Educational Day Homes. A way to reduce class size. Created at the height of the Pandemic. Could be a form of hybrid learning.

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