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CAP Notes Work

CAP Notes work in so many ways:


Best Practices


Time Well Spent

Parents and Students -
be on the same page

Student CAP Note Cover Term 1
CAP Notes for Students
CAP Note Graphic page.
Parents CAP Note Cover Term 1
Parent CAP Note
CAP Note Graphic Page

You Choose

There's a free copy of CAP Notes on the Files Pages, but as a teacher who printed CAP Notes for students three times a year, it's a pain. I suggest classroom teachers print a short run as a field test. 

By ordering CAP Note Learning Journals, you support the growth of the WAY Game

Thank You

FYI - The Graphics Pages and Binding were invented after I retired.

For Players Outside of School

CAP Note Players have different Symbols and a larger section for Questions and Activities. If you are a lifelong learner, capture your experiences on CAP Notes and Game Cards, then share and play.

Players CAP Note Cover

Capture your Life

& Learning

Players CAP Note

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