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CAP Notes are a step along the way in the learning process. A Standardized Graphic Organizer was created for Teachers, Students, and Parents to align learning methods across grade levels and subject areas. Learning improves when students summarize and reinforce daily lessons using words, symbols and graphics with the outcome of creating valuable Game Cards for the WAY Game. Teachers are asked to conclude each lesson with about five minutes of Student CAP Note Lesson Summary Time to hold teachers and students accountable for each lesson.

CAP Notes are student-generated 'Report Cards' for daily lessons that count!

Parents and Students -
Be on the Same Page

Student CAP Note Cover Term 1
CAP Notes for Students
CAP Note Graphic page.
Parents CAP Note Cover Term 1
Parent CAP Note
CAP Note Graphic Page

You Choose

There's a free copy of CAP Notes on the Files Pages, but as a teacher who printed CAP Notes for students three times a year, it's a pain. I suggest classroom teachers print a short run as a field test. 

By ordering CAP Note Learning Journals, you support the growth of the WAY Game

Thank You

FYI - The Graphics Pages and Binding were invented after I retired.

For Players Outside of School

CAP Note Players have different Symbols and a larger section for Questions and Activities. If you are a lifelong learner, capture your experiences on CAP Notes and Game Cards, then share and play.

Players CAP Note Cover

Capture your Life

& Learning

Players CAP Note

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