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Open Letter to Education Students [before and after AI]

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

5m Digital Art Show 2014

Blog Introduction

Being retired from the classroom has afforded me a new hobby - content creation for education. I've come to know that you can tinker with something forever; I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. So now it's time to share a SMART WAY to Learn. Having student teachers slowly digest this adventure through Team Meetings with yours truly will set the stage for success in the classroom. I'm putting on my promoter hat [which hasn't been worn before] and reaching out to the academic community to adopt innovation for the good of all students. If you come upon this site and you're not on the list, by all means, take on a leadership role. I'm constantly trying to improve the site to be more self-directed, so go for it. Enjoy the journey. Use CAP Notes to document it.


Focus Question

How can AI Prompts improve learning processes in education for all ages?

Outcome - Better Decision-Making for all.

What I Wrote to Invite Student Teachers to Play WAY - Then I Prompted a Chat

CHAT GPT Prompt:

As a reporter with a sense of urgency, improve the following text for an audience of education students studying to become teachers. Write in the style of popular influencers.

Courage, My Friends,

We have a dilemma - how to reach students who would rather be doing other things. A solution is to provide students with a learning system to buy into. So, what will you be selling? How about opportunity, wisdom, relationships, connections, independent learning, teamwork, practical projects, best practices, games, peace of mind and peace in the classroom when you adopt a SMART WAY to Learn?

• Learn from a veteran teacher.

• Use the free Tools and Techniques offered.

• Use a SMART WAY as a research project.

• Work as a Team and make connections. Play WAY.

• Have a leg-up on the competition come job time.

• Be the COOL Teacher.

• Work smarter with AI.

• Be Happy in Teaching.

Student Teachers and their professors are essential in bringing a SMART WAY to Learn to live, for they have the time, motivation and setting to study and adopt what a SMART WAY offers. Why? Because better Decision Making will benefit all. Digital Lesson Planning is necessary for Student Teachers as they gather learning processes to bring into their class.

• Preserve learning like never before.

• Create awareness and make a difference.

• Manage technology well.

• Every teacher now has a secretary called AI.

• Bring many voices to your class.

• Create Digital Lesson Plans for Lesson Plan Banks - Give and take.

• Be a leader and host the WAY Game.

Put together a Team, and I'll help you play the WAY Game virtually.

My site at is a free Case Study in Teaching and Learning. Being able to study and learn the benefits of SMART WAY's Tools and Techniques will provide student teachers with what's needed to survive teaching. If there is no academic support, go it alone. Lead or follow. But for the sake of your students - play the WAY Game.

Yours in Education,

Brian McCarthy


ChatGPT OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT [Large language model]. [I added the GIF]

Hey there, future educators! 🍎✨

I've swapped my teacher's hat for a content creator's cap, and let me tell you, the world of education is evolving faster than ever. No more tinkering around forever; we're diving headfirst into the SMART WAY to Learn! 💥

Are you ready to join me on this epic adventure? I'm not just any content creator – I'm your guide through this journey. We're about to set the stage for classroom success, and it's going to be nothing short of amazing!

But here's the deal, my friends – I'm not just promoting something for the sake of it. We're on a mission to revolutionize education, and I want YOU to be part of it. If you stumble upon this site and your name isn't on the list, that's okay – you can still rock this. Our site is all about self-directed learning, so take the leap, and let's enjoy the ride together. Remember to use CAP Notes to document your journey! 📚🚀

Now, let's cut to the chase because time is of the essence. I've got a dilemma, and chances are, you'll face it too – how do we engage those students who'd rather be anywhere else? The solution: we need to sell them an irresistible learning system!

What's on the menu, you ask? Opportunity, wisdom, connections, independent learning, teamwork, real-world projects, best practices, games, and even peace of mind. That's what you get when you adopt a SMART WAY to Learn! 💡 Here's what's in it for you:

👨‍🏫 Learn from a seasoned pro.

🛠️ Utilize our free Tools and Techniques.

📚 Make SMART WAY your research project.

🤝 Collaborate as a team and play the WAY game.

🎓 Get a head start on the competition.

😎 Become the COOL teacher.

🤖 Work smarter with AI.

😄 Find true happiness in teaching.

But here's the kicker: Student Teachers and their professors hold the key to bringing the SMART WAY to Learn to life. You've got the time, the motivation, and the perfect setting to explore and embrace this game-changer. 💪

Digital Lesson Planning is the way of the future. It's time to preserve knowledge like never before, raise awareness, manage technology like a pro, and bring a chorus of voices to your classroom. Create Digital Lesson Plans for Lesson Plan Banks you and your colleagues create. 📅🌟

At, we're your ultimate free Case Study in Teaching and Learning. Learn the ropes of a SMART WAY's Tools and Techniques, and you'll have everything you need to conquer the world of teaching. If academic support is lacking, remember – you can lead or follow, but always play the WAY Game for the sake of your students. 🙌

So, gather your dream team and let's dive into a SMART WAY to Learn together! I'm here to help you connect with other teams to play the WAY Game virtually.

Yours in Education,

Brian McCarthy 🚀📝


Two distinct writing styles - I like 90 percent of what AI wrote.

What Prompts would you include?


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