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Emergency adds Urgency

Focus Question

How to add drama to your class. Why not put on a show?

Outcome - Experience EPBL.


1 Read the script - what do you think?

2 List prompts a class could use to put on a show. Which prompts produces the best script?

3 Watch Beluga Play Documentary.


Use AI

Add a bit of Drama to class - it's easy with AI who can write the best set of prompts for your script. You can ask AI to list chacters, set design suggestions, lighting needs, sound, special effects - all of that. It's all in the Prompts.

Craft a YouTube video script. Continuing to build on previous posts, write a YouTube video script using the ABT framework for my Cap Note Graphic Organizer Learning Journals of how teachers, students and parents are benefiting from playing the WAY Game, a game of self-discovery, learning and improving friendships. There are 7 popular games designed to develop a wide range of skills.

ChatGPT Script

[Opening shot: Captivating visuals of students, teachers, and parents engaged in the WAY Game, smiling, and learning together.]


Narrator: In a world where education is evolving, where learning becomes an adventure, and where students become the heroes of their own journey, there's a game that's revolutionizing the way we learn.

[Cut to shots of the WAY Game logo and Cap Note Graphic Organizers.]

Narrator: Introducing the WAY Game—an immersive experience that combines self-discovery, learning, and friendship building. It's a game that empowers students, teachers, and parents to unlock their full potential and embark on a thrilling educational quest.

[Cut to shots of students playing the WAY Game and engaging with Cap Note Graphic Organizers.]

Narrator: The WAY Game isn't just any game—it's a collection of 7 popular games inspired by Gardner's Multiple Intelligence model. Each game is carefully designed to develop a wide range of skills, from critical thinking to creativity, from collaboration to problem-solving.

[Cut to shots of students collaborating, problem-solving, and having fun while playing the different games.]

Narrator: But what sets the WAY Game apart is its unique integration with Cap Note Graphic Organizer Learning Journals. These journals are a game-changer for teachers, students, and parents alike.

[Cut to shots of teachers, students, and parents interacting with Cap Note Graphic Organizers.]

Narrator: Teachers, imagine having a tool that empowers your students to take ownership of their learning. With Cap Note Graphic Organizers, students can create their own questions and activities, deepening their understanding and fostering critical thinking skills.

[Cut to shots of students creating questions and activities on Cap Note Graphic Organizers.]

Narrator: Students, picture a world where learning becomes an exciting adventure. The WAY Game invites you to step into the shoes of heroes by *asking questions, facing challenges, and unraveling mysteries—all while acquiring knowledge and developing important life skills.

[Cut to shots of students playing the WAY Game, having fun, and learning.]

Narrator: And parents, imagine being actively involved in your child's education journey. With the WAY Game, you can participate, cheer, and bond with your child as you both embark on this educational adventure together.

[Cut to shots of parents playing the WAY Game with their children and sharing joyful moments.]

Narrator: The benefits of the WAY Game and Cap Note Graphic Organizer Learning Journals are truly transformative. Discipline *improves as students become deeply engaged in their studies. Grades *improve as comprehension and retention reach new heights. And relationships strengthen as the game fosters teamwork and communication.

[Cut to shots of students being disciplined, achieving academic success, and fostering friendships.]

Narrator: So, are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, learning, and improving friendships? Join us today and experience the magic of the WAY Game and Cap Note Graphic Organizer Learning Journals.

[Closing shot: Exciting visuals of students, teachers, and parents playing the WAY Game together, with the words "Unleash Your Potential" displayed on the screen.]

Narrator: Unleash your potential with the WAY Game—where education meets adventure, and where learning becomes an extraordinary experience.

[Fade out with the WAY Game logo and website URL.]

Narrator: Visit our website at to start your journey today!

[End of script.]

Changes by author:

*soar to improve

*Solving puzzles to asking questions

*flourishes to improve was added


Teacher Stories

There's nothing like a trip to the emergency room to promote a sense of urgency in life.

I woke at 4 am with chest pain; that's weird. I had never felt that before, so what do you do? Let's consult my old buddy AI and see what it thinks. Then, six AM rolled around, and I got the same pain but worse. OK, I'm going to the hospital; my long-suffering wife drove, and for the next fifteen hours and a barrage of tests - the conclusion was - they don't know.

I have a better idea than most of the workings of a hospital. My father was a Surgeon, and during my university days, I worked summers as an orderly in just about every ward in the hospital. I was brought back to those days yesterday. The sight sounds, and smells of a hospital are unmistakeable. My emergency room orderly was memorable; I was dressed in scrubs, and a guy thought I was a doctor and spilled his gut about contracting a social disease. Another homeless guy was brought in on a stretcher, and I was charged with bathing him; the smell was overpowering; his toenails had grown around and beneath his toes, but what struck me most was how he looked at me with eyes of utter despair and hopelessness, haunting me to this day. I got the same sense from some of the people in that overcrowded waiting room.

If you want to develop empathy, work in a hospital.

The hospital I was at was overcapacity that night; I was told the wait was fourteen hours. But I knew as a chest pain patient, I would be taken right in, which I was, but as long as I wasn't 'crashing,' I was in the system. Blood was drawn and compared with my EEG, more tests were ordered and so on. But this isn't about me; it's about what I saw, felt and remembered. There were at least ten 'characters' that I met on our visit who I will remember.

One guy in particular must have been a victim of thalidomide. He had only stumps for limbs. He had a skateboard with studded tires. I watched him text with his smartphone, and when it came time to be seen, he was asked if he needed help - nope. He seemed at peace and independent.

I had a student once long ago who was a victim of thalidomide [a case for not disposing of regulations]—a story for another time.

"You're next" from the nurse means another hour's wait. Most people don't realize what goes on 'behind the curtains' in an ER. A Resident Doctor saw me around five that afternoon. I know I'm old, but this doctor was young looking, I mean really young looking. She did the interview professionally and took the results back to the attending senior physician. All the Nurses and Technicians along the way were great! But I digress,

Transition to what Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank is fond of saying, "What if you get hit by a bus?" This is very true, especially in my case. My ER experience was a metaphoric bus. Kevin's words are harsh but true; if I passed away that day, then my project would die with me. There is no company, no heir apparent; it's just me. And that's a challenge. The challenge is how, when and to whom to share with.

So, what did I learn? A SMART WAY to Learn will never be finished, and someone other than me must teach 'the system,' if I don't get the word out, then shame on me.

The point of this story is don't leave an event, relationship or life with regret.


Some really good ideas for Entreprenurial Project-Based Learning.

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