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Consider TP

Some will say it's the government's job to fund education, and some will worry that the business may interfere with teaching. Your choice—the status quo or change?


TP is OPTIONAL  but a suggested practice. The primary goal is to teach practical lifelong learning skills that incentivize student learning. Why not fund your class with the things students need? Parents can help. You will provide students and their parents with goods and services not seen before. I encourage teachers to post lesson plans and connect with parents through Pathfinder, Game Cards and daily CAP Notes.

WIx Game Card 2017 1.jpg


The First Things

1 Learn CAP Notes

2 Complete Pathfinder

3 Make Game Cards

4 Learn the WAY Game

5 Choose a $ Project

How will the money be used?

1 Classroom School Supplies

2 WAY Game Prizes

3 A Tip for the Teacher

4 Gift for Volunteer

Open sign

CAP Note Markup and Tip

Term 1 - $11.11 plus teacher mark-up. Covers the cost of SWAY.  Parents are encourage to add an anonymous Tip.


Customize CAP Notes 

Students sponsor pictures for CAP Notebooks. Replace my pictures with yours. Get a volunteer to help. 

Game Card Printing Services

Print weekly Game Cards for a fee.


Create & sell Swag.

Put on a show.


1. Host Tournaments virtual and live.

2. Run PD sessions for school districts and parents.

3. Host Pub Nights for Players.

4. Offer Support for Pub Night Players.





Parent Volunteers help with WAY Game Support

Make Place Cards & Card Boards

WAY Game Support Materials Masters

Change you life Dice
Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 5_edited.png

Levels of Participation

 1 Teacher Awareness

 2 Recruit Parent Volunteer

 3 Daily Short Integration

 4 In-class play

 5 Virtual Play

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