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Leaders - Ministers of Education, Deans of Education, District Administrators, Principals and Influencers. a SMART WAY to Learn is about the happiness and success of the primary stakeholders in education - teachers, students, and parents. Moving forward, will it be the status quo? 

Please consider sharing this site with others. Promote play as a solution to learning challenges.


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a SMART WAY to Learn is just that; it's a smart way to learn. How about we reduce teacher workloads and burnout through a simple game? How about we motivate students through the empowerment and responsibility of being on a team? How about we improve communication with parents and include them more effectively in the learning process by asking them to play?

Align your staff with standard learning Tools and Techniques that students and parents can count on from year to year.

How Principals use

1. Propose a school makeover - play the WAY Game.

2. Align grade levels with common learning practices.

3. Promote teamwork with Digital Lesson Planning.

4. Lead Professional Development days using as your resource.

5. Host live and virtual tournaments.

GM's Roles & Responsibilities

Lead - Organize - Monitor - Play


Win The Coffee Cup, but you can't have this one because it has bear spray on it. It's a long story.

Who Else can Help?

Parent Volunteers

Learn the WAY Game independently. Be a leader. Parent Volunteers produce and distribute game materials as well as monitor play. Offer your services.

 Substitute Teachers
Trained Guest Teachers may introduce the WAY Game or can continue play. No need to leave lesson plans. Absent teachers may choose an activity based on the level of the student experience. Train through Webinars specifically designed for 'subs.'


Retired Teachers

Help struggling teachers with your wisdom, and experience - learn to play the WAY Game. Help make materials, monitor play and lend a hand during peer evaluation of Game Cards. This is a way of engaging with teachers & students again in measured ways.