"You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play."

Warren Beatty

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Playing the WAY Game.

Plan & Post Digital Lesson Plans 

Entrepreneurial Project Based Learning

1.  improve the way teachers teach and students learn

2. make learning more fun and effective

3. improve student discipline

4. build better relationships

5. include parents  in homework

A Proposal is just a proposal until someone makes it happen.
How about you?

6. teach students independent lifelong learning skills

7. use technology more effectively in the learning process

8. work as a team

Making Change

Change is difficult in the best of times, and reform in education is complicated because of the multiple stakeholders involved. They have all been through the education system and have opinions on how things should work. It's the idea "if it were good enough for me, it would be good enough for you. I could go on...

The good news is that teachers are in control. A SMART WAY to Learn is a collection of teaching & learning proposals that you are free to accept or reject. This project is pure process - ideas about how to teach, not what to teach. The curriculum is 'plugged' in. The State controls the curriculum - teachers control HOW it is taught.

My Proposal

Take more control over your learning, whether in or out of school. Create Game Cards and share your Gifts and Talents with others through play. Make a difference.


Be of service.