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end the Homework battle

Empowering students and parent with control over homework benefits all. Turn homework into Game Prep Time.

A WAY to do Homework

School is where new information is presented; home is where that information is processed.

Families determine time and place. Plan - Game Prep Family Time. Other things to do: work on projects, study for tests, work on ILP's - Independent Learning Practice in areas of need. Build Game Cards through the week. ​

"Students don't plan to fail; they fail to plan."

Use the Abbreviations on Weekly Planner to: study for Tests {T}, do Assigned Projects {AP}, set goals for an Independent Learning Practice {ILP} in areas of need. Game Cards {GC}, Free Time {FT} Other Stuff {OS}

Problems with Traditional Homework

- It sets the stage for cheating. [Be a friend, lend me your Homework -

learning is secondary to the grade.

- Too much, too little, many excuses - I don't get it, I forgot the book at school, I didn't have time, I know how to do it, it got lost, the dog ate it...


- Then, there is the time to assign, collect, correct, enter grades, return, and follow up on missing assignments. Assignments like busywork, practicing skills, didn't finish in class, and keeping up with bloated curriculums are problems.

- What is the alternative? What are students doing instead of doing some homework? Is there balance in the student's life?

- If the 'work' is meaningful then students are more likely to participate.

Differentiating/Customizing Instruction

Every student is unique. Having teachers customize daily instruction with individual plans for each student is unreasonable. Teachers must look for ways to offer choices in how information is presented and processed. Teachers can offer flexibility in the time, amount and in the ways projects are presented and graded.

It begins with an assessment of learning preferences with Pathfinder. It continues with Independent Learning Projects for homework, where students work in areas of Defined Needs. Where does the student need to grow?

ILPs - Independent Learning Projects help teachers customize learning for students in areas of need and interest. Teachers can't do it alone; they need the help of parents and students to define individual learning needs.

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