An Invitation to Learn

To Education Professors,

Please consider a SMART WAY to Learn as a Case Study in your program. ​ a SMART WAY offers innovative ways to use Games, Digital Lesson Planning, Project Based Learning & Virtual Learning to affect change in education. the WAY Game lessons are presented through, which is your portal to our Case Study in teaching & learning. Look inside a working grade five classroom as students demonstrate the WAY Game. ​ What's needed is one Professor per institution to adopt the WAY Game as an add-on to their existing Programs of Study. All resources are online, open-source, and offered in a series of self-directed Micro Lessons designed for academic scrutiny by student teachers and professors. a SMART WAY to Learn is totally unique and necessary - a way forward after years of hardship. ​

Please consider forming and submitting a Team to compete in the inaugural 'Coffee Cup' in the Spring of 2023.

Yours in Education,

Brian McCarthy

Drop me a line if you want to play.

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