Substitute Teachers
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Elementary Art Class
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Lesson plans for Substitute Teachers improves when fun and games are at hand.

White Landline Earpiece

How Ringers can Help

1. Learn the WAY Game independently. Market yourself.

2. Be prepared to introduce the WAY Game to students.

3. Be able to process a lesson and turn it into a game.

4. Be available to select schools near where you live. 

5. Promote your services to teachers.

Here's an idea, if the students are familiar with the WAY Game put them in charge while the Ringer monitors play.

Maybe demonstrate Game Card design skills, or questioning techniques. Become an expert and share your expertise. 


When students are engaged in meaningful lessons  there will be fewer discipline problems and more learning.

Light Bulb

Retired Teachers

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It's a chance to get back, in measured ways, with former colleagues you know and trust. Attach your services to a select number of schools and play.

It Works

When I was a substitute teacher, my best days came when I could present a lesson called the Desert Survival Situation, where students had to match their wits with experts to survive an accident in the desert. Students worked in groups with a practical outcome; make good decisions and survive. Students loved it for many reasons. 


Playing the WAY Game will be your Desert Survival Situation.