the WAY Game

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"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."

George Bernard Shaw


Thoughts on the WAY Game

the WAY Game 

- Been years in development


- Holistically Integrated Information Processing System dressed up as a game


- Learn HOW to Learn 


- Through play, take a journey of self-discovery, skill development, and relationship building

the WAY Game 

- Classroom Management Tools & Techniques 


- Empower students to make learning fun and effective


- There's a mystery to solve and games to be played  


- Learning is sugar-coated

the WAY Game 

- Seven popular, skill-developing games 


- Can be played at home, in class, or virtually

- Preserve your learning on Game Cards

-Turn classmates into Teammates - build relationships that last

the WAY Game

- Grows as students grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally


- In school, not everyone will get to be the Mystery Kid, a Team Captain, or a Judge 


- Sorry.

Pile of Coins

10 Changes

1. Teachers  build Trust & Respect through Accountability & Transparency.

2. Teacher transitions from Sage on the Stage to Learning Facilitator.

3. Learn how to Question and then Answer.

4. Homework is now Game Prep Time.

5. Students & Parents Customize Learning through Game Prep and Projects.

6. Students and parents become Producers of Learning Content with WAY Game Cards.

7. Parent Volunteers and Retired Teachers can help.

8. Technology, Remote Learning improves.

9. New methods of Reporting Student Growth with Pathfinder, Game Cards and CAP Notes.

10. Fun and Games.


- make learning fun for students.

- to help retain teachers.

- help parents be teachers.

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Listen - Don't Quit Teaching - or Go in with your Eyes Wide Open


Watch 5M Teach the WAY Game - A look inside a working classroom

the WAY Game Part 1


Games begin WAY Card demo and basic materials. A look at your virtual teacher in 2015. Listen to what students say.

the WAY Game Part 2


CAP Notes 10 point lesson outline. Sample materials, Introduce Card Boards and Place Cards. 7 Games, Students play & judging.

the WAY Game Part 3


Watch the girls turn the game around on the boys with a song. Coincidence happen all the time, How to questions & Captain's Challenge.  

the WAY Game Part 4


Captain's Challenge. Guessing the Mystery Kid. Prize distribution. Peer evaluating Game Cards.