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WAY Game Clubs

Dedicated parents who can't afford to wait.

Think of your Team as an impactful Book Club.

Weekly Webinars Wednesdays for Players

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- Parents, learn the Tools and Techniques necessary to be your child's most important teachers!


- Players, Learn how to share your Gifts and Talents with others through play.

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- Meet the Author

- Answer to your questions

- Join a Network of Online Players

- Addressing Challenges - Group Feedback

- CAP Note School Fundraiser

- Updates and site changes

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the WAY Game

Learn the value and benefits of playing the WAY Game. Align the school community, include parents; make learning fun! Turn classmates into Teammates.

 SMART Notebook

Digital Lesson Planning 

Stop reinventing the wheel; plan lessons digitally. Post lessons for transparency & accountability, to reduce stress and workloads.

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Examples of

Project-Based Learning 

A Puppet Play & Digital Art Show are featured. Two examples of what teachers do in schools everywhere!  


Learn to turn CAP Notes into a school fundraiser.

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