Spectators - Parents

Are you a Spectator or are you Involved?

Teachers need the help of supportive parents now more than ever. Customized Learning, Virtual Learning, Violence Prevention, SELL Social Emotional Learning Lessons, and Lifelong Learning Strategies now become essential understanding for parenting in the 
Age of Tech.

How Parents can Help

1. Learn WAY independently. Offer to become a WAY Game Volunteer.

2. Turn homework time into WAY Game prep time. Model CAP Notes with students, make Game Cards & play.

3. Support teachers, be patient & kind.

What Changes?

1. Receive improved methods of reporting - Pathfinder, Game Cards, CAP Notes & posted lesson plans.

2. End the homework battle - take control of 'Game Prep Time.'

3. Working as a team, students are more motivated to learn.

4. Learning is fun.



Pathfinder Front 2018_edited.jpg

Game Cards


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CAP Notes


CAP Note Sample Notebook 2019_edited.jpg

Learn How to Question

Now that the answer to all inquiries is at your fingertips, learning how to question is an essential skill. The following links to Wikipedia will continue your lifelong learning journey into holistic thinking. When creating questions for the WAY Game, the author looks at concepts from different points of view. 

The Socratic Method

Bloom's Taxonomy {HOTS & LOTS}


Closed Questions

Open Questions

Learn 7 Test Formats

1. Essay

2. Short Answer

3. Multiple Choice

4. Fill in the Blank

5. Matching

6. Label

7. Orals

Information Technology

Holistic Thinking  

Learn to think like a teacher!