Be patient and kind, and learn HOW to learn. Make friends and play the WAY Game. Preserve the best of what you DO on Game Cards. 

Players - Students

How Students use in class

1. To improve learning while having fun with family and friends.

2. Discover more about your gifts and talents while improving your creativity and confidence.

3. Learn HOW to learn by turning daily lessons into popular games.

4. Teach your parents how to use CAP Notes and play the WAY Game with them.

5. Create beautiful Game Cards and share them.

6. Appreciate the mystery that each new day brings.

7 Value & Respect ALL of your classmates - your teammates!

Learn to play & play to Learn!

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LInk to Students Report the WAY Game Video

Holistic Thinking

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the 7 Games of WAY

Nothing is written in stone, adapt and improve games as you see fit. Establish and communicate House Rules to start each game. 

1. Answer It - based on Trivial Pursuit

2. Act It - based on Charades

3. Draw It - based on Pictionary

4. Spell It - based on a Spelling Bee [you may choose to define words as well.]

5. Question It - based on 20 Questions

6. Speak It - based on the rules of a debate

7. Move It [Grove It] - any physical or musical challenge

Time is needed to learn and prepare the materials you'll need. The most important thing about the WAY Game for Players is the creation of Game Cards. A generous act that requires purpose, reflection, creation and sharing. 

Players need to create a 'set' - lights, camera, and action for virtual play. Or play 'live' with your friends. 

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Here's How Students can save

Teacher's Time

After you make your Game Cards, take the best Q & A's and enter them on PowerPoint or SMART Notebook Templates. {There's a free basic version of Notebook Software.} Share these files with your teacher. 

Home Team


Your Home Team is your Class Team when all students play. A class's best players become the Away Team.

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Renaissance Students

Are good at a lot of things; Teams need players who are not Specialists but Generalists - the more subjects a student is good at the better. 

Away Teams


- The Away Team is made up of the best players in a class. 

- The Away Team is selected by students in a class vote.

- The Away Team is selected Randomly with WAY Cards.

- You choose.

7 Games of WAY Template Master on PowerPoint

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Here's a PowerPoint Template for the 7 Games of WAY. You can use Game Cards to play, or you can be more organized and enter your Q & A's in PowerPoint. This is better for online play.

SMART Notebook Templates are also available.