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Lesson 5 - Game Cards & WAY Cards

"Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her; but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game."


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Preserve & Share the Best of your Life & Learning with

Game Cards


Why Create Game Cards?

1 - Game Cards create memories that last a lifetime!

2 - Game Cards are works of Art and Science.

3 - Students develop confidence, higher-order thinking, graphic design, and questioning skills.

4 - Daily lessons are summarized on Game Cards for study purposes.

5 - Students create Game Cards for homework. Parents are invited to play along. 

Templates make the Creation of

Game Cards Quick & Easy

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Add Graphics & Q & A's.

Cut & Paste, Drag & Drop.

Game Card Evaluation Tool

4 Peer Evaluation

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Student evaluations count.

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Collect & Trade

WAY Game Cards

Think what Cards Contain!

Game Card Front - Graphics

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Make your first Game Card all about you.

My first PowerPoint Game Card. 

Game Card Back - Q & A's

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Make 3 Q & A's for each game. 


1. PowerPoint WAY Game Card Template

2. Microsoft Word WAY Game Card Template 

3. Pages for Mac WAY Game Card Template


4. WAY Game Card Sample


5. WAY Game Card Evaluation

Use the Same Techniques for Making Game Cards in PowerPoint

6:09 Game Card Construction Mac Pages

Game Card Construction Microsoft Word - 6:23

Conversations with Students 

Students Talk Game Cards - 3:33

When playing in class with a SMART Board, or PowerPoint with a Data Projector, here are links to the 7 Games of WAY for group play. Here is the final resting place of your best Q & A's. Make copies, don't write on Masters.

Link to 7 WAY Games on


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Link to 7 WAY Games on

SMART Notebook

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