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To play or not to play? That is the question.


Dear Teachers,

To teach or not to teach seems to be a real question for many these days. You could say, I've been there, and done that. 


a SMART WAY to Learn was created by a classroom teacher, for classroom teachers. My goal is to take things off of a teacher's 'plate' and share the responsibility of learning with students and parents. Areas of 'leverage' are homework, lesson planning, volunteers, fun and games.

If you are comfortable with technology; brave because change isn't easy, and self-directed, then here are Teacher Growth Plans that will really make a difference for your sanity, and the hopes and dreams of students and parents.


All you need is free and on this site - go for it! 

I hope you can make time to play.


Yours in Education,

BC McCarthy

How Teachers Use

1. Use to teach students and their parents the WAY Game.

2. A demonstration of growth, empowerment, accountability, and transparency resulting in improved trust and respect.

3. Use technology effectively.

4. Experience the value and benefits of Digital Lesson Planning.

5. Consider Project-Based Learning.

7. Recruit a volunteer to help.

8. Pick and choose what, when and how you use resources found here. 

9. Play the WAY Game in class and remotely.

10. As a way to share the responsibility of teaching and learning.

Follow the yellow brick road.

Country Road

Or discover your own path.

Teach Students How to Question

Learn to think like TEACHERS!

Now that the answer to all inquiries is at your fingertips, learning how to question is an essential skill. The following links to Wikipedia will continue your lifelong learning journey into learning how to question. When creating questions for the WAY Game, the author looks at concepts from different points of view. 


The Socratic Method

Bloom's Taxonomy {HOTS & LOTS}

Open & Closed Questions

Test Formats

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