Set Design
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Don't be a puppet - think for yourself

 ~ A 'silver lining' of the Pandemic is most everyone knows how to Zoom now.

~ If you want to play others online, why not put some thought and effort into Set Design? Think, lights, camera, action! Turn your classroom/living room into a mini studio.

~ Incorporate your SMART or White Board as a focal point, and consider your acting, drawing and competing space[s]. Lighting? Sound? Props? FX? Roles?


~ When you play online, think like a Director; think camera angles and movement. Use a Gimbal camera stabilizer if you can.


~ Who are your hosts? Post House Rules. Exchange gifts of Game Cards and Digital Lesson Plans.


~ Have the class make up a team chant, Rap, or song - something creative to introduce the whole class when you play virtually.


~ Don't want to be seen on camera? Why not use puppets as your character when playing?

~ Consider the same principles when playing remotely from home.


Remote Play

If you want a challenge, create and play with puppets. Record your games for fun. Learn and improve from your experiences. Did you think you made a fool of yourself, laugh it off and join the club.


Personal Devices

Your phone is a powerful device for capturing thoughts and images for Game Cards. Your phone may also be used to broadcast your games.



To play virtually from class, think of putting on a show, have Hosts, Team Name & Logo. Involve the whole class in an introduction and production of Virtual games to your Team.  Have a camera on the Place Card to track play. Make it COOL.