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Digital Lesson Planning Ideas & Tools for the WAY Game

SMART Notebook Software

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- SMART offers teachers an excellent set of software tools and support now designed to plan and present lessons and assist in playing the WAY Game

Students can be 'absent' in more ways than one, posting daily lessons give students an opportunity to revisit and reinforce lessons. A quick and easy service to students and parents.

- Teachers are more Transparent and Accountable to those you serve.

Tools for the WAY Game


Pull Tabs for WAY Game, score sheets, dice, spinners, random clues - work on these - customize to your school logo. Use your SMART Board as a part of your set design.

Digital Lesson Planning


Thoughts on lesson planning. Your professors may have different ideas; it's up to teachers to find what works best.

Free Templates Link

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Link to 25 SMART Lesson Planning Templates 

Link to Free Basic Version

Notebook Software 

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Template for Unit Plans

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Drag and Drop Completed Daily Digital Lessons into Unit Plans is a great way to see how well lessons flowed together.

I used a traditional teacher planner for most of my teaching career, then I discovered Digital Lesson Planning. Notebook software allowed me to create lesson plans that could be built upon and shared - and that's important! 


Objectives, teaching resources, test reviews, audio/video, student work samples, are posted daily; they show what teachers and students DO IN CLASS. 

a SMART WAY to Learn

CAP Note Digital Lesson Planning with SMART Notebook Software

Tools for the WAY Game

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SMART Notebook Pages that support the playing of the WAY Game. 

Management Topics 

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Used in presentations to show some of the things teachers may deal with from day to day. .

Used Websites

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Here's some of my favorite websites when I taught. 

Digital Lesson Planning with

SMART Notebook Software

CAP Notes are used in

Digital Lesson Planning.

Plan and share lessons digitally with students, parents and teachers.


An essential tool for Virtual Learning.


 Users are aligned with a common learning tool.

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Digital Lesson Planning

- Post Daily Lessons

- Share your lessons with teachers

- Preserve your lessons

SMART Notebook Activities

for the WAY Game

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SMART Notebook Activities

for the WAY Game