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Learn CAP Notes


This video was made before Graphics and Lines were added to CAP Notes.

All sorts of things go into

CAP Notes.

CAP Note Sample

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CAP Notes School

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What CAP Notes Do

- a 9 step lesson planning tool for Teachers & more

- a lesson summary tool

for Students & more

- a way to learn for Parents

CAP Notes Home

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CAP Notes for Parents & Players

- a daily reflection

- a study aid

- a brain workout

- a draft of Q & A's for WAY

CAP Note Sample

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CAP Notes use mnemonics and Holistic Learning principles to help student retain what they learn.

cap note Rubric

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Use this Rubric to evaluate CAP Notes. 

 CAP Notes key

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Here's a key to the symbols and abbreviations used in CAP Notes.

The Evolution of CAP Notes

2001 WAP Notes

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 MAP Notes

CAP Notes are Born

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Notes with Brainstorm Web

2007 The First Games Appear

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2015 Retirement

Study Group

Attitude is Everything - Student CAP Note Time

Students must know that learning is essential, forget the idea of core and non-core subjects, all knowledge is important, and all students learn differently. We use homework time to record the best of the day for the purpose of play. Look at learning and education as part of your life that extends beyond school. Game Prep is Family Bonding Time; it's a celebration of your life and an act of service to others. Why not make a family team?

Your world is like a giant school, and you're in it.

Reading Together

Attitude is Everything - Parent CAP Note Time

Parents are encouraged to lead CAP Note reflection time. Focus on events in and out of school. Parents model meditation and recall positive thoughts from the day: a sight, a conversation, news, new learning, questions, when help is given, and when help is received are things to consider when parents create CAP Notes, Q & A's and Game Cards. Student Game Card content is mainly, but not exclusively, for daily lessons. Students may include meaningful events as well.

From CAP Notes to Game Cards

5M Game Card - Graphics for the Week


Templates make creating Game Cards

Quick & Easy

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