Graduation Ceremony

Student Teachers

Five Star Rating

Dear Student Teachers,


Go into teaching with practical Tools and Techniques that will help make you a great teacher - play with students, share what you create, and have a practical outcome for each lesson.


Inspire your students with what you bring to class. You are no longer the sage on the stage, but a facilitator of learning. Stop reinventing the wheel - learn to work as a team and share what you do with others.


Bring 'Many Voices' to other teachers, students and parents through Digital Lesson Planning. Look for ways to work smarter, not harder, your survival in teaching depends on it.


 Student Teachers have the time, motivation and forum to bring the WAY Game to Life! 

Please Help.

How Proteges can Help

1. Learn and study the WAY Game.

2. Be prepared to introduce the WAY Game to students and cooperating teacher.


How Professors can Help

1. Include a SMART WAY to Learn as a research project in your program.

2. Play the WAY Game with your students; create a team, play other schools. 

Teachers in training  have the time, place and motivation to study, improve and integrate a SMART WAY's learning resources into the world of education. 

Black and White Earth

Wouldn't it be fun to create a puppet character to play WAY Online with. Make a puppet, create a set, and film the fun. A puppet can draw out shy students - they can always blame the puppet if things go wrong. It's actually more demanding and skill developing to play with puppets.

My Learning Journey

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These learning institutions were essential to my development as a teacher and person. They are invited to play first.